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First dibs

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    First dibs

    Im selling everything thing but I decided my fellow bird lovers should get first call on the be stuff and everything else cause why not. In a few days ill open it up to the rest of the board and put it in the bst.
    Almost complete blue raptor- worked till i took it apart for parts to fix another raptor which failed and after going back through it the old cup seal wont go back in the valve and its now missing the valve screw. Trigger frame had its sear refinished recently. This will go free to whomever buys my personal raptor plus a free BE gravity hopper.

    My personal blue raptor- hard to let go but its okay i got better ones now it has OG dye barrel and a nw products on off non venting drop. Air America unireg has no guts and is simply a expansion chamber but it shoots great. $140 OBO! shipped with dye barrel or $100 shipped with a 32 degrees terminator instead.

    tigershark- works albiet with low velocity but completely useable on both hpa and co2. Comes with a modded to fit silver eagle raptor barrel. Hopefully i can find the stock barrel too throw in. 60 OBO shipped

    Talon ghost with tank adapter- works with no leaks though i would try tightening the bottle adapter so it don't move as much as that makes it leak. $60 OBO! shipped

    JT excellerator 3.0- works with no issues besides it sometimes needs to have the tank thread in twice cause it leaks the first time. Make sure the expansion is tight too (i think its just a x chamber). 35 OBO! shipped

    Brass eagle Samurai's (2-1 deal)- both seal but only one cycles and fires. The one is full of gummed up paint so maybe thats why. I believe it did shoot since it was me who gummed it up. Other one was still in its original packaging and shoots phenomenal on hpa with the rainmaker barrel. These things are cocker threaded but that so far is the only barrel besides stock that will thread in. $70 OBO! Shipped with rainmaker barrel or $50 OBO shipped without

    dye raptor barrel- $50 OBO! shipped

    rainmaker barrel- $25 shipped

    docs tanto freak barrel $20 shipped

    sound activated revy guts- 15 shipped

    LNIB standard ninja 4500psi reg- 35 shipped

    empire scion hopper- works perfectly but fuck the cunt who designed the quick release on these things. 45 OBO shipped

    id like too sell all at once so feel free to send an offer for the whole lot. Lets start it at $325 OBO!!! shipped
    shooting video links coming soon.

    Click image for larger version

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    PMing you.
    I can haz feedback?
    If I owe you feedback, just remind me, as I sometimes forget.




        ALL SOLD! Thank you guys very much. I needed the money for my rainmaker maker project which will soon be done!


          dang I missed out!
          💀Wild Card, Ragnastock💀


            Originally posted by Jonnydread View Post
            dang I missed out!
            Sowwy, its a cwuel cwuel wowld


            • Jonnydread


              Editing a comment
              Eh nothing I need really, all good!

            Eh, I missed out a little. Enjoy the Rainmaker!