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Rainmaker pump assistance

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    Originally posted by oats944 View Post
    Hey y’all, chasing a leak now, hoping one of you fine gents might assist. First it was from where the back block inserts, then where I capped the hole in the hpr cylinder, then where the lpr connects, then from the capped velocity adjustment screw, then the cap opposite the macro line fitting, then from the bolt cover detent. Never all at the same time.

    I replaced orings and Teflon tape as needed and finally gassed it up with no leaks. Took 3 shots and then a massive leak down the barrel. I messed around with the cup seal/spring with no luck. It’s looks in good shape. I’m assuming this is a cup seal issue? Since I can’t find spares anywhere online, will a cocker or other cup seal work?

    Thanks so much guys
    Double check the valve orings. One going bad will mimic a bad cupseal, ie: leak down barrel.

    Cocker valve stems are too short to use, but a Spyder cupseal could potentially thread onto the RM valve stem.
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      Thank you. I used some 2 part epoxy to seal that leak under the bolt cover detent per your advice. Stripped it down again and put in a spyder cup seal and same leak problem. I had already replaced the valve orings but put a different new oring on the rear-most part of the valve and now it’s good to go. You’re a life saver, thank you again for all the info!


      • Jordan


        Editing a comment
        No problem! It's easy to nick those orings when inserting the valve and HPR block.

      Thanks again to everyone that helped me complete this baby. Final pieces came in today and she’s ready for some field time.