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Best way to seal off blowback on a Stingray...

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    Best way to seal off blowback on a Stingray...

    The blowback operation of the Stingray is fascilitated by loose tolerances of the valve stem/powertube inside the bore of the valve nut, right?

    So how do we eliminate said blowback, whilst still allowing free movement of the stem/powertube?

    My first thought is to groove the @$$-end of the valve stem/powertube for an O-ring... but I lack a lathe, or even a drill to chuck it in... got some files, though.

    I am not opposed to sending a stem/powertube to someone with the proper tools.

    However, I wondering if it would be better to groove the inside of the bore through the valve nut...?

    Is there any practical difference between putting a dynamic O-ring on the stem, versus a static O-ring in the valve nut?
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    You wanna do the needful and post pictures of the said parts with MS Paint drawings of what you mean?