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Supremacy scope...?

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    Supremacy scope...?

    I am interested in hearing some personal experiences with this scope. I normally run Vortex optics for their fantastic warranty, but the reticle setup of the Supremacy seems to be perfect. Any hidden "gotchas" that people have found?

    Edit - I picked up a MG100 recently and I will be shooting FSR 95% of the time out of it. Roundball is covered with other setups. I also have a buddy who mods Hammer 7's and shoots FSR.
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    Do you shoot FSR?
    then you won't find anything better ...
    I have tried just about every setup out there and nothing comes close.
    With no adjustable riser they are good up to 60-80 yard, further you will need an adjustable riser.

    Any gotcha?
    Yes, mostly the price ...
    I also find the zoom ring extremely stiff, I made a nice 3D printed handle for it, I'll send you one if you need.

    Love my brass ... Love my SSR ... Hard choices ...

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    • Lt. head-shot

      Lt. head-shot

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      Yup should have mentioned that. Looking to put it on a MG100 for FSR.

    • XEMON


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      If you're planning on not shooting above 60-80 yards, get it, put it on the gun and go out there ... That simple ...

      PS: I'll post a pic of my scope ring when I get a minute ...

    So here is a story - my first supremacy had some sort of weird bleeding in the reticle. After a few months, it started to look like pen ink that runs on paper wherever there are lines. Sent them an email about it, was told to send it in and they would send me a new one. Great!

    Sent it to the listed address, and it got returned. Got a different address from a followup email, and sent it back. Well, after facebook messages, emails, and phone calls, it's been gone for almost a year. Zero communication, no new product obviously.

    The scopes are great. They work awesome, and are the best solution possible for FSR. I would be a little leery about their customer service and warranty work if you do have issues though. Hawke crossbow scopes are a good alternative, especially with the optimizer.


      I’ve had two, one with the mg100, one with a Sar12c. Both worked great, both were heavy, and ultimately unnecessary for my needs. I rarely got the distance needed for the scope to shine. Out to 70yards a Reddot works fine and weighs less. Beyond that distance sure, the supremacy does as advertised. I just rarely found myself with a target far enough out to matter. The built in range estimation is cool and functional, but again, I’ve come to prefer the red dot dialed in at 70 yards.

      edit: I also can attest to carmatech customer service being hit or miss. I’ve had some communications answered and others not.