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Pre Dye Carter Comp fires after completing pump stroke.

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    Pre Dye Carter Comp fires after completing pump stroke.

    So apparently if a Carter is assembled incorrectly it can auto fire when forward stroke of the pump handle. How would one fix this?

    I recently sold my Carter Comp to a member and he is having this issue unfortunately. I don't have the marker in hand to figure out the issue. I had been shooting the marker for a while without issues. Is there something to look for that causes this issue. Could it be a sear issue? What causes this?

    I want to get it worked out for him.

    I believe the fix is all about alignment of the snub or receiver relative to the frame. You want to loosen the clamping set screws and ensure the snub is moved towards the rear of the gun, flush against the valve body. I think I'm remembering this right.

    The snub acts as the travel stop for the bolt, so if it sits too far forward, it allows the bolt to over-travel and the sear contacts the trigger early.


      Awesome it may have just loosed up just from playing I suppose. Maybe a lil lock tight may help keep it in place. Thank you for your help. I figured it was something simple. hopefully this fixes the problem.