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Question about aftermarket triggers

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    Question about aftermarket triggers

    So I am in the middle of building a phantom and wonder if this actually help

    As one of paintzappers OG beta testers on this guy, I can say that it is a dang smooth product. I'm not one to be picky about triggers, but I did notice the difference over the stock trigger. It helped eliminate some of the wiggle and play.

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      I can second this opinion with Rainmaker because I received one of the prototypes from Paintzapper for testing and I can say it’s like having a broken in trigger right off the bat in a good way.


        I have one of those and the other fancy anodized one with the extra holes drilled in it. The paintzapper one is a great trigger and it was a lot cheaper then the other one I purchased on BookFace.

        You could probably find him here and not pay the eBay tax Those look like his.

        It’s nothing earth shattering but it’s got a smother pull and a nice crisp sear trip like a we’ll worn in setup.


          Ok I finally installed one and wow it cut the trigger pull distance in half and the new spring makes it much lighter
          now I need to add a over travel set screw
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