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2021 Phantom Reconslide

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    2021 Phantom Reconslide

    If you've got a single-rod pump kit, new reconslides glide like butter on that pump kit :P Also, they come in colors now. There will be more and different slide and boxgun stuff in the future but gotta get the logistics down for one product line at a time. If you've got an older slide, you can still use the pump kit, you gotta just break it in as instructed in the troubleshooting video.

    But the real question is... how many people want a COMPETITION STYLE GRIP, not unlike the PSG-1 style grip on this marker (I believe it's bandit's loan). Not sure who makes this grip originally but I'd change it up and make it a bit smaller, though I really like this one. Yay or nay on the grip in the comments.
    4x havoc grips for sale
    5x phantom pump grips for sale

    The grip looks cool, Iā€™d try it for sure. Got any plans for a dual rod variant?
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      Yeah just saw the dual rods seem to have replaced the single rod (they took em down it seems from the store). I'm on a loaner phantom when I can again afford to own one I will get on that :P

    I am looking forward to receiving mine. This build has been on my mind for a while now.