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New To Me Phantom, What Did I Buy?

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    Been looking at the Phantom website, and I'm wondering if this is a mis-mosh of new and old parts.

    Don't see an option on the new site for a right-feed, stock class body. Only vertical feed.

    Obviously the clear parts are old as well. I don't even see an option for the shorter 2-bump handles.


      Yeah, it looks to be old and new. Perhaps EV build it out of random bits they had laying around when they took over the company.


        Always loved the look of those m16 style grips. I would probably relocate the bucket changer, try to find one of those ASA compatible telescoping stocks, and rock it as a VSC frankenstein. Very cool pickup.


          Quite a nice looking phantom! Go get that thing dirty! I just switched to the M16 grip, played one day with it so far. First two games I was shooting several feet higher than with the 45 frame.... Dang muscle memory. After a few games I could adapt well enough and found the more angled frame very comfortable. I also would recommend another form of detents. Mine is freak bored and paint is still too small nowadays. Occasionally get rollouts with a .675 insert. I am currently awaiting a SC breech to return to me from Air Soldier with the Asp mod. Up until now though, electrical tape is the best solution I've found.