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Raw Aluminum Parts

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    Raw Aluminum Parts

    Just curious if its a bad idea to run raw aluminum parts, or if its okay. Or does it more depends on what the item is?

    It’s best to anodize. Raw aluminum is soft it will pit and mar easily. The process of anodizing actuality hardens the material.

    I would avoid playing with raw aluminum parts.


    • BlindFaith429
      BlindFaith429 commented
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      Thanks. I'm very familiar with anodizing, did a lot at my previous job. Just wasn't sure if our application would tolerate raw parts or not. Thanks!

    • Chuck E Ducky

      Chuck E Ducky

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      A grip maybe or a feed because it’s can easily be polished out would be fine for a lil while. But anything internal not easily polished I wouldn’t take the chance. It’s best to wait for Ano. Oils and paint will slowly damage raw parts.

    In this case, it's a grip frame. I've already contacted ARC and they said no problem.

    Just have to decide on the color now.