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Front body screw inserts

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    Front body screw inserts

    Hello MCB,

    I may need to drill a body and I'm wondering how is the insert installed. Is it press fit or threaded and glued?
    Are they readily available or are they custom made?

    Any help would be appreciated 👍

    This is the one:
    Click image for larger version

Name:	PXL_20220223_202228202.jpg
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Size:	1.42 MB
ID:	235887

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    I think ASP has inserts on their site. Not sure if they are threaded in or pressed. Looks like thread, but I could be wrong.


    They are threaded in here is the ASP link:
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      Yup, threaded. You need an oddball tap to install them, as well - 1/4"-36. I think I got my tap on Amazon.
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        Xemon, they are in stock on PhantomOnline. Pricey little buggers these days.

        Of course…I have “stock” also. I was sending you some already to see if you can drill/tap for the insert on the “part that won’t be named” to use these inserts also, since that is a potential weakness.
        I will include an extra insert for your body experiment.
        You should have everything early next week.


        • XEMON


          Editing a comment
          There the man!
          Ill keep you posted with this body drill/mill (and the other too ...)
          Now i got an excuse to get more taps :P
          (you cant have enough tap in your life ...)