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6" Freak Barrel

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    6" Freak Barrel

    Looking at the online sites, it looks like 8" is the shortest Phantom barrel they make that is pre-threaded for freak inserts.

    The 6" one doesn't have that option.

    It also looks like you won't be able to bore a 6" one as it has the o-ring groove, which they omitted on the freak bored barrels (i assume it would be too thin a wall there to have both).

    Did CCI ever make a 6" bored barrel? Or would i have to have an 8" one cut down?

    I don't think CCI ever did just because of the length of the insert leaving about an inch before the muzzle. However, I have seen folks bore 6" CCI barrels for inserts.
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      Might not be what you’re looking for because it has to be undercocking, but Deadlywind offers a 6” option.


        I had my 6" barrel done by BMC and it works great


          You can take a longer barrel, have it cut to 6” and then bored. The insert will interfere with the porting/fluting on a standard 6” CCI.

          If you’re just looking to prevent rollouts, you could either get some detents from shooter311 or you could send your body out to ASP and have the detent modification done.
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            barrel to short. your going to need 8 inch or more


              Originally posted by BlindFaith429 View Post
              Did CCI ever make a 6" bored barrel? Or would i have to have an 8" one cut down?
              No, CCI never made a 6". According to Mike when I asked him about this many, many years ago, as Freak inserts are 5" long, there wouldn't be enough room left at the end to facilitate the porting or gradual increase in ID that exists at the tip of the barrel. Cutting any size CCI barrel down will eliminate the porting and that gradual widening at the tip which is what helps with both performance and the overall quieting of the sound signature. It's been my experience that an 11" barrel has better accuracy over a 6" barrel, especially at longer distances.


              • Chuck E Ducky

                Chuck E Ducky

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                They cut from the other end Silly 😜 then rethread it and bore it. So you still have the porting and the inner barrel cuts around the porting. Not really worth it because you can get the 8” c bore. I can’t aim those short barrels.

              Thanks for all the input guys.

              Running an 8" freak bored barrel now, but really like the looks of the micro's and their 6" barrels.

              Debating if i should go that route,, and loose the freak inserts, or just keep it at 8".

              Leaning towards the 8" though, as its what I've got, and I think its short enough to be highly maneuverable, and lightweight, while giving me the benefit of the freak inserts, and slightly longer barrel.


                Probably not worth it if you have an 8” already. You could make it close to 6” by cutting one down. But it’s not going to really be all that different then what you already have form and function wise. It can be done tho. Might gain a little in mobility but you do give up performance with those shorter barrels. Biggest drawback I found is 12g efficiency.