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barrel kit vs freak bored barrel

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    Originally posted by frd333do33 View Post
    If you have the ASP body, I think the old school Dye one piece stainless steel Boomstick or two piece Boomsticks are great

    i am with you the dye boom sticks way to go since how quite it makes the gun. i have two of them one framton and dye barrel both use freaks and so quite when i shot.


      Click image for larger version  Name:	A4BA4147-09FB-4262-ACBF-6DEDDC6B65A1.jpeg Views:	0 Size:	684.8 KB ID:	29638 I like freak inserts. Only down side is if you break paint it will never shoot clean. Paint will weep from the insert until you take it off and clean the insert and barrel. So if you shoot good paint and don't double feed insert kits work great. I especially love the shot count boost with 12g play. I freak bored my Phantom Dye UL and it's my go to barrel. It's the only one I found that is quieter then the stock Cbore barrel.