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T-Stock vs L-Stock vs No Stock

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    T-Stock vs L-Stock vs No Stock

    Figured I'd start another thread on this dead horse since it no longer exists after the OG site went down.

    Do you use a stock? If so, do you prefer T or L? And if no stock at all, why?
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    I like a stock except when I don’t want it and then it becomes a PITA.

    Recently I’ve been running VSC with a 4oz. It’s very easy to keep steady. You can increase tank size and it’s like adding weight to stabilize a camera tripod. I’ve found this configuration is best for my sometimes alarming “fall into the bushes” dodging technique.


      I learned to play with an M-16 grip and L stock, and it still feels the most natural to me. I like that the arm of the stock sits lower.


        No stock for me.

        I'm a "point & click" shooter. My accuracy is much better when I don't have time to think, just react.

        I have a tendency to overthink, both in paintball and in life, so when I have a stock it adds another variable and muddles my brain.
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        L stock for most stock class guns in order to get the feed lower. I tend to crouch/hunch and not having to stretch to look over the feed is super useful.

        My Duck is the only exception, putting a 3.5oz on the back of it balances is perfectly and then I have no need for a stock.
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          I need a stock with VSC or I can't hit squat, since the feed tube and pump block a view down the barrel. The stock helps me bring the gun back to the same position every time and find a reference point. Unfortunately I have to relearn this every time so switching back and forth between bodies doesn't work as well as I intended
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            I use an L stock on my Phantom. It really makes for a more stable shooting platform, which allows me to hit my target on my first shot more often than not.
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              I run both but prefer the T-stock the most and my son runs all T-stocks as well. I really like the way it just snaps into position when your aiming.


                T for me!

                I STINK out loud with no stock at all. Too used to shooting semis with a tank attached, I guess.


                  I used to use T stocks on anything that wasn't bottomline.

                  I realized one day that I loved the way my 007 handled and decided to take all the stocks off in hopes of making my SC guns feel more like that gun. It's less accurate but it feels good and I like the ability to hold it in tighter to my body when the need arises. Still use the tank as a stock for anything that is not stock class.
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                  ... Nish deleted it...

                  Originally posted by Axel "coffee-fueled, beer-cooled."

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                    Always had a bottle or some type of stock but trying to learn to not use one with my Duckslide. Currently missing a lot of first shots hopefully that will change soon.
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                      This is about as subjective a question as you can ask...

                      I prefer a stock of some sort with Nelson pumps in general, since they tend to be SO lightweight that I need the bracing action to better stabilize the marker, in order to have good accuracy. I have predominantly used T-stocks, and am a HUGE fan of the Dock Nickel designed "P-stock" which has a P-shaped drop forward of sorts threaded for a duckbill bottom line.


                        I hate em, but when I play, I generally carry my marker more like a pistol and run, and the stock hinders that. Basically only have two hands on it for the moment I need to pump another round, then back down.
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                          Its just easier for me to be accurate with a rifle than a pistol, just like anyone else.

                          So I like tank. I haven't played a lot with a stock though I have owned a lot of them. I think a round nub or a ball something more like a tank is better than any of the other shapes so that the gun only moves on 1 arc when you are swinging it around and it is contacting your body. I plan on cutting the end of a tank off and putting it on my phantom T stock but since I haven't played in more than a year now its been low on my list of fun projects to do for myself.



                            For me it's so that I can bring up the gun the same way each time. Also IMO totally necessary for run and gun.