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T-Stock vs L-Stock vs No Stock

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    I like a good t stock in my pumps or a, but mostly just use the tank. I had a folding stock on a 98c and hated it. It bumped up against my mask, useless for "sighting," PITA to even fold.


      I Definitely need a stock I cant hit crap with out something to shoulder. I like the fixed shaft of the L Stock with the T stock back. I feel like it shoulders better for me with the T stock back and I don’t have the adjustable shaft moving around on me. The fixed shaft also happens to be the perfect length for me.


        T stock. I'm 6 ft 3 in and the stock really helps my muscle memory and snap shooting.

        I have a powerstock on my unibody, but it's mostly to fit with the theme of the build. That one is a bit of a scrunchy or tight arrangement.

        How do people play with no stock?!


          Favorite is an L stock, or that really sweet spec ops T2W or whatever its called.


            Some sort of stock all the way. I prefer the CCI L-stock but a 13ci or bigger tank butt works.

            Not sure what all you no-stock guys are on about with "point and shoot". When I try and just "point and shoot" with no stock the gun ends up pointed wherever. With it anchored against my body with a stock I can get a consistently accurate point every time I bring the gun up. Its science.


            • Chuck E Ducky

              Chuck E Ducky

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              I’m the same way can’t hit nothing without something to shoulder.

            I have to kind of revise my opinion to a certain extent. Here goes:

            Pistols aren't bad but by far having a stock improves pointability. Ran my PMI-1 this weekend with a decent degree of success and honestly loved pistol play. It's very cool to be more mobile and have more options on how to tuck in behind bunkers. With a little extra time to aim I can be 90% as accurate with a pistol as with a stocked gun at less than cross field distances. When the shots get farther out, or shooting on the move a stock comes in clutch to really hone that accuracy. Basically, both are good but stocks are still better for me.


              L stock with a T stock shoulder piece. This is the way.


                Just did some backyard test shooting. First time shooting a Phantom in a long while. First few tubes used an L stock, not bad grouping for old cheapie field paint, anti roll-out fingers, and not knowing velocity.

                Removed stock and it wasn't bad buuuut had several more oddballs flying wherever. So yeah, generally speaking a stock does what it was designed to.
                Originally posted by SignOfZeta;
                Us beardos with wallets need to occasionally make our voices heard.


                  L-stock all the way here.


                    After more comparison, the angle of the L-stock feels the most natural and comfortable. Here I thought all along I wanted straight/horizontal alignment when the angle of the L-stock/45 frame ASA feels the best. Maybe I'll start hitting my targets!
                    Originally posted by SignOfZeta;
                    Us beardos with wallets need to occasionally make our voices heard.


                      A little off topic, but I didn’t want to start a new thread for this.

                      Who is selling Phantom stocks these days?
                      I’ve done deep google searches and everyone I can find isn’t selling anymore (or they’re out of stock).

                      I’d like to pick up an L-stock (but would be fine with a T if it’s all I can get). Or may have have someone make one for me..

                      but to answer the original setup is no stock...only because I don’t have one (Still “building” my phantom)
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                      • iamthelazerviking
                        iamthelazerviking commented
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                        CCI still makes and sells the T-stocks. May have to email them if you don't see what you're looking for on the site.

                      I like stocks in general. Whether it is a T or L. Pistol play is rare for me.
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                        Just threw a wire stock on my P68sc and have been messing around with it. Seems to me like the stock does kind of get in the way but it makes up for it in the gun pointing the same place every time. In pistol config I have to very deliberately aim down the side of the gun but with a stock I can just point and sight roughly over the top of the gun and still make good hits.