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Who plays regularly with their Phantom?

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    I use my phantoms all the time especially outlaw play so I don't have to worry about getting air tanks filled


      I've almost always used my Phantom for at least one game per day at the field. The exception was when I didn't have one; I'd share time between a Bushmaster or Illusion.

      I'm older and slower than I once was, so I run open class - 13ci bottomline, and an OC adapter on the breech. It makes missing less painful. I think I'm done with 12g; I keep telling myself I'll go back to a 12rd feed though.


        It's either the marker I play with all day, or it'll come out for the last few games when I'm down to about a pod.
        Basically I use my main Phantom every time I go to the field, even if it isn't picked first.


          I only use Phantoms when I play paintball. I have three different Phantoms set ups to choose from depending on the situation. I have one that is set up for HPA, which I use the most. One set up for 12 grams, for stock class only games, and a duck slide pistol that runs on 12 grams for when I play woods ball.

          I thought the Phantom would be my forever marker, but with RTR coming back to life, I may have to pick up a Gargoyle to compare it to my current favorite.


            When I play with the reprobate in Coventry my Duckslide is the now go to, other places more likely play Open Class and that would mean my Pyre.
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              Acceptance is the first step to recovery Going to try and come out this weekend!

            Like many on MCB, I spend more time tinkering and on MCB than I do playing. Because I don't get out to play often due to life, I have opted to just have one marker, a Phantom, for when actually can make it out. Hopefully I can get some stock class in before it's too cold, but plan to have all the parts for SC/OC and call it good.
            Originally posted by SignOfZeta;
            Us beardos with wallets need to occasionally make our voices heard.


              I haven't played the last couple years but my phantom was always my go to. On those occasions where I would pull something else out I would usually only get a game or two in before running into issues forcing me to go retrieve the phantom from the gear bag, as if Velcor himself was guiding my hand to the phantom. Always reliable and never lets me down.


                Damn guys ,you need get out on the field and do some playing. I am sure your Phantom will thank you for it.


                  I own 20 guns at the moment and my VSC Phantom has been getting the most field time of all of them lately. ASP detent mod, 86° frame, Vendetta pump kit, clear feed block, L-stock, roller trigger, a shaved down hammer sear for a hair trigger, and an underbored phreak barrel that helps get me 43 shots per 12 gram. It’s a joy to shoot and is surprisingly gentle on paint. And it always works, so it comes with me every time I play either as my primary or as a backup.


                    I rotate my Phantoms every weekend


                      I split my playing time between my Phantom and my Milsig SMG


                        My phantom comes with me every time to the field. Has only been two or three times I haven't at least played with it for part of the day, once because I loaned it out to a kid that wanted to try pump and he didn't want to stop after a couple games. When I'm not playing with the phantom I'm playing with my mag, both are boringly reliable and that single tube design is the most natural for me to run.


                          100% use my Phantom when I play. I also own a CCM T2 which is an amazing marker, but something about the Phantom just draws me back to play with it. Even on 12grams it's amazingly accurate, I love it.


                            +1 Phantom primary.

                            I have the most fun with it, so it's my go to.

                            Really looking forward to a post-pandemic world for more game time.

                            Click image for larger version

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                              Chiming in late to note I play with my Phantom every time I play... which has been a couple years at this point, thanks pandemic.