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Who plays regularly with their Phantom?

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    Lately I've been starting the day with something semi-auto or OC pump, but ending the day with my SC Phantoms. It's amazing the snap shots you can make after you feel "dialed-in".
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      Me. If it's not a training or a tournament.


        All the time. My phantoms are my go to, occasionally I will mix it up with my oracle pump. It's nice to have three in different configs so you don't have to part swap at the field.


          My phantom is my main shooter. I switch between open and mod-stock most days with the odd stock-class game days.
          “If it has a battery, kill it.”


            Phantom is a great only-gun.

            Hard for a CCM pump gun to transition to the firmer pump stroke of the phantom, but after a game or two you will be on-point.

            Gotta appreciate how great the pump stroke is and how damn consistent they are WITH NO REGULATOR on unregged co2 or direct input HPA. They are as pure as it gets.


              I play it most open games But never a scenario. Its accurate and doesn’t need an apex to curve shots “down” in an arc so it can drop behind bunkers.

              I play open class usually as it’s competitive in that form verses battery powered. Stock class gets rushed on reload of 8 balls.


                when i could play all time it was my main gun to use. i brought spare pumps with just in case someone want to try phantom or other pump guns. it will still be my main weapon in till i know surgery on top head is better and not soft to skull.


                  I use mine in rec play and against gravity fed hoppers. Usually woods ball is my preferred field but close quarters it is also my marker of choice.



                    It has seen field time once in the last 5 years. My sniper is there for pump purposes. Then I bring semis.

                    If I play stock class it is with brass. I shoot the Sheridan better than the Phantom.

                    There were a few years where the Phantom was the #1.