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Question about wood Lonestar grip

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    Question about wood Lonestar grip

    I believe SP made these, correct me if I am wrong. Always loved how they look and have an opportunity to snag one. How are you supposed to use bottomline screws with these? There are not nuts or anything to screw into, just what appear to be two empty holes in addition to the main mount screw access.
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    They originally came with nutserts pressed/glued into the holes. The spacing is for the older style 1.25" spaced ASAs and SP sold them with a bespoke angled duckbill. I don't remember if the mounting screw size is 10-32 or smaller; I seem to remember them being smaller.

    I've reunited a frame with a separated ASA only once, but if I hadn't found the lost ASA I always had the idea to make a palm shelf that would screw into the factory nutserts and had threaded holes to fit modern spaced ASAs.


      There was never a dedicated bottom line adapter for these as far as I am aware. I have modified them in the past and have one I want to use on a Phantom project and I've made an adapter that uses thread inserts in the wood. You could make a bottom line that locks into the whole and uses a real long machine screw but the ASA would need an angled through hole with some type of indexer to keep it from spinning.
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        Mine came with the ASA. I’ve never taken it off. Purchased new around 2000, IIRC.

        If the one you’re looking at doesn’t have a bottom line ASA or obvious metal bosses of some kind then it’s probably already stripped out. These are cheap laminated hardwood (plywood, basically) and pressing metal bosses into the end of a chunk of any wood is...not perfect. So many of these that I have seen for sale are broken. It’s also quite likely that the wood isn’t as strong as it once was either, further contributing to this kind of failure.


          Originally posted by Grendel View Post
          There was never a dedicated bottom line adapter for these as far as I am aware.
          I've had a half dozen or so over the years and all of mine have come with brass nutserts whether the ASA was present or not. I just pulled one of mine and the screws are 8-32; a 10-32 is too large to fit the thru holes in the ASA. The SP ASA has a long and thin angled mount with 1.25" spacing and a pressure relief hole drilled into the bottom to make removing the tank easier.

          I don't remember if they were sold without the ASA and each I've bought over the years was used so I've never had the original packaging to know. If anyone has an old SP price list scan it may hold some clues.


            There was a dedicated ASA its seen in the smart parts catalog on a super starter spyder. I also have one that came with a Lonestar grip that was in super bad shape that was un-repairable.The anno has been stripped off but these are pretty rare.

            As I understand they came on the larger version lonestar grip that smart parts sold for the spyder
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              Is that grip as fat as I looks? I’ve never seen that version.


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                Ive only ever seen it 1 time in my life....
                Here is the picture from the 1998 catalog for reference.

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