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Official parts diagram & "what size/thread is it" thread

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    Official parts diagram & "what size/thread is it" thread


    Recovered from the old digs. Originally posted by Redneck Sniper and credits below for what I could dig out of the src. Add to this as needed.

    NOTE: an original, never-scanned version of the CCI Phantom manual is available online at, here:

    A scan of the official Phantom exploded parts diagram is attached (the highest resolution we've seen thusfar) as well as a photo with legend typed out below.

    The exploded parts diagram is keyed to a parts list on CCI's web site, here:
    the phantom paintball gun CCI

    1.) Ghost rings: 3-56 thread. The posts are available through Mike at CCI. Also you use certain hiviz sites to replace these posts such as: Cabela's -- HiViz Spark Sight

    2.) Bottomline screws: 10/32 and depending on accessories are usually 1/2" to 1" long

    3.) Front body screw: 8-32, length will depend on what cocking system you use.
    -Stock O/C: 1/2" Thumb screw
    -Wevo U/C kit: 5/8"
    -OLD Style Rainman U/C kit: 1" BUT you will need to use a small brass nut and a small washer to make sure that it fit properly without going into the breach. The nut it probably 1/8" and the washer is probably 1/16"
    -NEW STYLE Rainman Kit: 5/8"

    4.) Rear body thumb screw: 10-32 (length?)

    5.) The nut for the pump arm: 10-32

    6.) Grip frame screw: 1/4"-20 x 3/4" SHCS

    7.) Barrel threads: 14 TPI acme stub

    8.) Grip screws: 6-32 x 1/4"

    9.) Feed tube screw: 8-32 x 5/8"

    10.) Nylon set screw inside the bolt: 10-32 x 1/8"

    11.) Retainer screws (A.K.A. Valve Seat): 9/16"-20

    Vertical ASA Screws: 8-32 x 1/4

    Odd Stuff:

    Check Valve: 3/16 ball bearing, spring from a ball point pen and buna o-ring -004

    Please add your input

    Thanks so far to: RedneckSniper, Angelballer, Thisissparta, Timmycuddler, Stilgar, Slinger and Bradys71!

    Great info! Thanks for posting


      Thank you for this, I had this saved from before the hack. Im glad it’s back up.


        XOXO you the man!


          Would anyone happen to know the thread size for part number 10 and 5 the valve body?

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