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ccm is out of business?

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    I sent Bill an email, 15 days later I’ve got product in hand. No complaints here


      I haven’t ordered recently but anytime I have emailed or called CCM has always been straight forward with lead time for products. CCM are cut above the rest in terms of quality. I don’t blame CCM for not posting stuff on there site with all the scalpers.

      It’s really simple if you don’t want to pay Scalper prices just order one new and wait. Lots of people just wait order exactly what they want and get the lifetime warranty. Most of the time of I need screws or small parts they just send them to you for free. They are always great to deal with and never had an issue in the 15+ years I have been doing business with them.


        My only complaint is that is that they are running their stuff on eBay as ccmfactorydirect and letting their customers that would like parts bid it out of control instead of a set price on their website.


        • NONOBLITUS


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          Yea I’m not really someone with CCM experience for only only owning one T2 used and have one grip frame on a Sniper. I literally called once for a part in a trigger frame that I lost and they had it in my mailbox instantly so I’m totally impressed by their customer service.

        • gabe
          gabe commented
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          People keep talking about scalpers bidding up CCM parts but then you have CCM putting their parts up to bid and getting scalper prices. If they just set a BIN price that was the normal price plus fees/shipping I would totally understand but they're definitely playing the market for their own parts.

        • Cunha
          Cunha commented
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          The complete guns that are like outside the system like a seconds or one of bills projects or whatever get auctioned every once in a while. If they dropped them on ebay they would just get swiped and resold. I think its fair enough. Additionally it allows someone to cut in line if they want a new gun direct so it wouldn't be terribly fair to the people on a wait list if they did it differently.

          Like the other posters said if you want a part for whatever their "retail" price is, email or call and you'll get it.