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Did New CCM Pumps Get a huge price increase??

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    Has anyone asked someone at CCM about it?

    It wouldn't surprise me at all if their shop makes greater profit when making parts for industrial applications rather than paintball. Something else I've noticed is that they, perhaps foolishly, have very little separation between the machine shop / designers and the paintball store front. That means for every paintball product they sell there's an increase in the customer support burden. That gets out of hand quickly, and is not sustainable when the product has a useful life that spans many years. I'd bet money they are still fielding an occasional call related to their first product release. That said, I appreciate that level of service and passion for the sport. They care about more than just money. The whole paintball side of their business strikes me as a personal side project. The last thing I want is for it to become a source of stress for the passionate people behind it.

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      The price of the pumps have gone way up in the last 6 months. I would say after the new MCB site went up prices went up somewhere around +100 for a used S6 and T2 from previous value.
      Joined a few CCM FB groups to watch the usual undervaluing of "Price Checks" followed by an immediate flip and I am surprised people are paying those prices.

      Snagged a used S6m a while back and was looking for stock barrel for it during the S6.5m run and was told there were no extra parts. Another email to CCM looking for a few parts with a reply that the only available stock is on eBay and if an item goes up on there is probably from a closet spring cleaning. Not really interested in a 'Dust Blue 3" .690 sizer' that matches nothing which no current era ball fits snugly (maybe a standard issue dimpled GI 3 Star might).

      Love the quality... hate the quantity.


        While I'd rather see them increase production to meet demand, I understand not wanting to over reach and getting stuck with idle space and machines should the market take a downturn (thinking of SP back in like '07-'09). Short of that, I'd rather see CCM increase their prices and auction off their other bits, than see someone buy up everything when they restock only to mark it up on eBay a week later. At least this way, the extra money's going to CCM instead of some scalper.


          I ordered my 6.5 in 2012 for 545$, not sure what they go for now but I know it isn't that cheap


            My Series 5 was $325 shipped from Chipley in 2006...just like stonks I wish I had purchased more of them back then!


              Their production capacity is used 100%

              Investing in more capacity is a needless risk since paintball demand is highly limited

              Selling products just as soon as they make them, DIRECT TO CONSUMERS means they get instant cash turnaround which keeps the company in a good place financially

              I have the brain of an old person and don't mind waiting for what I want. I just want them to stay in business, which they are doing.

              If I was CCM I would do exactly the same thing. Their prices are fair. Their guns are peerless. If you want something cheaper, you have a lot of options and they are good. Azodin stuff, a basic converted autococker...ETC.

              I'm not even the biggest CCM advocate, but you have to hand it to them. Since like 02 or so they have continued to perfect this product and don't have to do it to trick people into buying more guns that they don't need. They don't try to make their old guns obsolete or tell you that you need a new thing. They just keep making pump guns that shoot right. With every year that they remain so consistent they get higher and higher praise from me.

              When I was shopping for CCM guns originally, the series 5 was about 400 dollars total to my door, and the WGP Orracle was about 1200 dollars. Thats how much butt they were kicking, and how absurd the markup was for WGP autocockers. As mentioned above, if you put that money into apple or something you'd be better off than doubling down on your CCM collection, but still. Stonks.

              There are no barriers to entry so take one down to the local machine shop and see if they will start making (slightly improved) copies for you. You will probably find that it isn't worth the trouble and that an 800 dollar CCM gun is money well spent.


                Originally posted by Cunha View Post
                Investing in more capacity is a needless risk since paintball demand is highly limited
                Yea but I think that misses the point here. There's obviously a much larger demand for their product than they're fulfilling, that's whats driving the massive rising price of used CCM guns.

                Ever since Rod and Melissa left the guns have gradually become unobtanium. Up til that point you could fairly reliably buy any of their models and have it within a month or two tops. Now, if they're not running the model you want you might be stuck waiting several years until get around to it.


                  Why are we complaining about one of the good guys? Bill and Laurie are great people who are doing what needs to be done to keep the lights on. I don't understand why it matters to us whether or not they're experimenting with FSR or revolver projects. I would much rather have this current reality over one where CCM has gone out of business.

                  Originally posted by gabe View Post

                  Mar I will always admire you for being the first to voice my disdain for the direction CCM is heading in. I'd like to imagine a world where companies like CCM stick to their core customer base and flood the market with even semi-reasonably priced guns that work well and look great but alas the world is not perfect.
                  You always seem to be the most willing to complain about CCM, even though you apparently want their products so badly. On the last forum you didn't like how they stopped offering polished markers/parts, only to find out it was because the guy who did their polishing had passed away. Maybe give CCM the benefit of the doubt, because you looked like a turd the last time you didn't.
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                  • Chuck E Ducky

                    Chuck E Ducky

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                    The guy who did the polishing passed away? You sure about that? My understanding was it was time consuming and cost prohibitive. I purchased my J2L off the guy that did the polished finishes for CCM.

                  • 808raoul
                    808raoul commented
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                    Did they have more than one polisher? Cause I still talk to Mondo, who used to do the polishing. Maybe I'm talking to a ghost?

                  • Moodog


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                    I’m sure of what I read on the old forum.

                  We’re used to over supply and under demand for paintball guns. CCM guns meet the demand for the most part. I can always find a used one at least and pre Covid I could pre order / wait list and get something in reasonable time frame.

                  it’s just not our place to criticize their business practices without knowing any details except our small facet of not getting cheaper CCm guns or having new ones waiting for us on the shelf


                    The vast majority of the guns they sell are not through the website.

                    Most of them are sold custom through preorders for runs.

                    CCM Paintball is closer to a hobby for Bill and Laurie than a full time business. The margins on paintball equipment while good don't often compare to the alternatives when it comes to that type of manufacturing.


                      Here is one on ebay. There have been a handful posted there lately in somewhat novel configurations like hard anodized. This one is an insert body, which I personally like.


                      • Chuck E Ducky

                        Chuck E Ducky

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                        Those Insert body’s are cool!

                      Looking at used prices I won’t be buying any used CCM markers anytime soon. If I wanted one buying new seems like a way better option. I have purchased a few used because they happen to be exactly what I was looking for, or was a rare piece that was no longer an option that I wanted. But at this rate and market, It looks like ordering new is definitely the way to go. I personally prefer if to buy new anyway especially if it’s costing more money to buy used. I would rather get exactly what I want with a lifetime warranty. (Not that I have ever had to use the warranty)

                      Anyone know what they are currently building? Are they just working on FS snipers right now is that what it is?


                        I think they're running T2's or 6.5s right now.


                          They are running S6.5ms

                          Call em and see when you can buy something new.


                            None of my comments should be construed as anti-CCM

                            I voiced my own thinking/opinions; they know the real numbers and know what's best for their business.

                            May they crank out guns until long after I rest in my grave
                            Dulce et decorum est pro comoedia mori