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New pump handle.

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    Originally posted by BLachance75 View Post
    The grip looks great and feels good in the hand. I’ll have to use it for a few days before I decide if I like it more than the round handle.

    The red is close enough of a match that you can’t tell unless you are looking closely. Considering I have 3-4 different shades of red on the gun already I don’t think anyone would notice.
    9 months later I finally got to use the gun with the new pump handle. I can’t say that I like it better than old round handle but it is comfortable. I put my pointer finger across the front of the pump handle so for me the front of the handle and the transition to the side is the most important part of the handle as far as feel goes.

    I’m not touching the front in this picture but it shows how I grab the handle.


    • Carp


      Editing a comment
      Did you name this marker "Ruby Red" yet? Or Are you going for something more darker and sinister? Never really "named" a lot of my markers... 🤔