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DP clamping feedneck lever screw threading

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    DP clamping feedneck lever screw threading

    Wondering if anyone happens to know the threading of the screw used in DP clamping feednecks. I have a 2011 Proto Rail with a clamping feedneck that is missing the lever. I have the screw, just not the lever, and unfortunately the opposite side of the clamping ring has a threaded blind hole instead of a through hole, so swapping in a generic lever and screw would require drilling it out. ANS has a replacement DP lever with screw that looks very similar to the Proto one. Just need to know if the screw is the correct size and threading. The Proto feedneck uses a #6 screw with 40 TPI thread pitch, which is a little uncommon. Thanks.

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    Checked with a DP G5, it has 6-36 threads.
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    • MrBarraclough


      Editing a comment
      Thanks for checking on that. I had hoped that DP had either completely copied the Proto necks or maybe contracted out their fabrication to DYE. My rail's feedneck screw is 6-40, which is just weird to me. It's used in firearms, apparently, but I don't know of any other common applications.

      Since I still have the screw, I suppose what I need to start looking for is a compatible lever and the roll nut and pin or whatever that was used to attach it.