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Gen E matrix and DM3 bolt option question

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    Gen E matrix and DM3 bolt option question

    Trying to learn more on my matrix, seing all the different option for bolt, anyone could help for the pro and con of each of those parts. Also which one is the best bang for the buck.

    Evolve Matrix GOLD bolt

    Aardvark RED bolt

    Evolve Matrix delrin bolt

    GEN II - Black bolt

    GEN I - Silver bolt

    Shocktech delrin can

    Top hat mod (detail and what does it do)

    Originally posted by Alexndl View Post
    Top hat mod (detail and what does it do)
    Basically the tophat mod was just to take the top hat part of the bolt (the piece the bolt goes into and unports to release dump chamber pressure) and wrap the outside of it with tape or put a piece of hose over it to take up space in the dump chamber. What was found was that the dump chamber volume on early Matrices was very large and low pressure but also very inefficient. By decreasing the volume and raising the pressure you could increase efficiency. As a byproduct of this you could also decrease dwell significantly because you're dumping less volume of air which made the guns faster and have a more responsive shot quality.


    • Alexndl


      Editing a comment
      What is the thickness needed to be efficient? Any idea of the "target" pressure?

      I will try it on a black gen2 bolt

    • gabe
      gabe commented
      Editing a comment
      No real idea on thickness, it was kind of a "by feel" thing without any real science. The gun I have uses a bunch of o-rings stacked up on the outside of the tophat, maybe about 3 or 4mm thick. I haven't tuned this gun for efficiency so can't really say on pressures.

      A lot of folks were using 4-5mm thick hose around the tophat so that would maybe be the higher end of the pressure range. IIRC shocktech was making firing cans (the sleeve that spaces the tophat and back wall) of different thicknesses to do this same thing. That IMO would be the best solution is to make a thicker firing can out of delrin or some plastic.

      IDK I just run low pressure/high dwell and rock the smoothest shooting DM3. Seems more fun that way. I have a DM7 for snappy feeling matrix action.