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Board Interchangeability Amongst DYE/Proto Models

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    Board Interchangeability Amongst DYE/Proto Models

    Many models share, or can share, boards, right? Does anyone have or know of any compiled lists or tables of what models are compatible with what boards?

    Looking on eBay recently, I saw a listing for a 2011 Rail board, but noticed in the picture that the PCB itself is engraved "SLG UL" and it looked just like some UL SLG spare boards I happen to have. I messaged the seller to ask if that was the wrong photo or wrong description and was told that DYE used those boards in the 2011 Rail (the SLG was discontinued after 2010; I have one). There just happens to also be a cheap Rail with a dead board on eBay right now as well, and as mentioned I have a couple of UL SLG boards just sitting around. Would that work?

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