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Clamping feedneck levers on older Dye/Proto markers

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    Clamping feedneck levers on older Dye/Proto markers

    Anyone have a good source for old Proto clamping feedneck parts, particularly the levers and whatever roll nut or other hardware attaches them to the screw? I recently bought a 2011 (I think) Rail that is missing the lever from its feedneck. The screw is there, just not the lever. Unlike most other clamping feedneck designs, this one has a screw that is not threaded on the lever end. Instead, the threaded end of the screw passes through the lever-side tab and threads directly into a blind hole drilled into the opposite tab on the collar. The "screw" (more like a 2/3rds threaded rod) is headless and has a hole bored through the shaft (perpendicular to its length) at the lever end. I can tighten it down by hooking a small L-shaped Allen key through the hole to let me turn it. How did the lever attach? The hole through the shaft of the screw is not threaded. I'm assuming that there must have been some kind of pin or long rivet that passed through both the head of the lever and this screw.

    I'd love to just replace the lever and return the feedneck to its original functionality. Failing that, I suppose I'll have to look for a hex cap screw of the same diameter and threading.

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    Update: I was able to find a hex cap screw as a temporary fix. Turns out to be #6-40. I hadn't encountered a 40 TPI thread pitch before. Found some in the "gun screw" drawer at my local Ace Hardware.

    Now, about DP feedneck compatibility: I noticed that ANS has a replacement lever with attached pin/screw for Dangerous Power clamping feednecks. From the picture, it looks identical or near-identical to my Proto feedneck screw, and appears to attach to the lever via a thin pin of a similar size as the hole in my screw. The complete clamping feedneck assembly closely resembles the Proto one. As I recall, DP copied the feedneck-to-body threading used by Dye/Proto. I wonder if they also copied the clamp pin/screw threading (or as I am starting to suspect, may have outsourced the feedneck manufacturing to Dye Precision). Long shot here, but does anyone know whether this is the case? Are DP clamping feednecks identical to older 1st gen Dye Lockdown feednecks? Or at least use compatible levers and pins?

    The Automag: Not as clumsy or random as an electro. An elegant marker for a more civilised age.