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Gen E Matrix board questions

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    Gen E Matrix board questions


    So I have one Gen E Matrix with an LCD board and no eyes, and number two has a Gun 12 board (I have yet to open it up, so it might be a 20). Matrix number two has eyes. I have a spare LCD board. If, for whatever reason, I were to swap in the spare LCD board into the Matrix housing the Gun 12 board (or 20) board, would the LCD board support the eyes?

    If the LCD board won't support eyes, I could just take them out and get another, non eye breach block since this one's a little dull and grungy. I'd be using a force-fed loader, so eyes would not be required.

    Addendum, since we're talking about electronics: Does the solenoid need air to do anything, or should it click with no air and the board on?
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