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Mechanical Matrix Gen E or DM3

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    Mechanical Matrix Gen E or DM3

    I was already reviewing the cycle and animation of the Matrix gun and found on this website the original Matrix could have use a mechanical and electro version but only the electro made it to production
    "Because a small mechanical valve, or a small solenoid (electronically actuated valve) could be used as the pilot, the Matrix concept would have worked with a manual, or electronic grip. What made it to the final product was, of course, the electronic version, with a small solenoid valve serving as the pilot valve."

    Anyone know/sees/ heard of the mechanical valve use for this?

    I am planning to convert my single finger trigger matrix to mechanical (I also have a double finger trigger Gen E matrix I will keep electro)

    Does not look too complicated but would like some tips and hint on how it was originally planed amd if there cohld be a bolt on kit

    If you don't mind doing some drilling and tapping, you could probably use an SMAV3 like the mechanical ion mods. The two systems operate identically. It's just the little nuances that are different.


    • Alexndl


      Editing a comment
      I would try to use a manifold with oring and barb to not mod the matrix body and make this reversible
      Smav 3 is an option yes, I already have 2 mech ion with smav 3 but might try another configuration

    • Brokeass_baller
      Brokeass_baller commented
      Editing a comment
      That's good thinking with the manifold. Nearly any 3 way or poppet switch should work.

    A mech dm3 would be dope!
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