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ID FL 3-Way Valve vs DW Hair45 Valve

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    ID FL 3-Way Valve vs DW Hair45 Valve

    Ok! Which one is better?

    Huh, I didn't know ID made an aftermarket valve. That's cool. Cheaper than the hair45. I'd be interested in a comparison as well.
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      I wonder if that what PE is going to putting in the new Emeks / M170R. I heard they have a new valve coming out for them. But it’s not as short or light as the Hair45 from what I understand. Apparently for reliability reasons.

      What I can say is the Hair45 rocks I got 100+ cases threw my emek with the hair valve. (Zero issues) w/ regular maintenance you would never know it’s modified until you shoot it and it’s fast AF.

      Bang switch needs to be greased regularly to stay reliable also need to lose the colored orings for black bunna. I have seen them fail a hand full of times. Most of my guys went to the Hair45 or took the bang out.

      Im Interested to see the Inception valve reviews. They kept it quiet it seems. I haven’t heard anything about it yet.


        I think it'd be interesting to take a look at the internals of both valves and see the differences. I read somewhere on Reddit that the Hair valve was a collaboration between PE and Deadlywind, so I'd like to see what PE changed for their own FL valve vs. the Hair valve.


          This valve is not specific to Inception Designs, Simon did testing on the valve prototypes. This is a Planet Eclipse product, ID just got them in hand first.
          Shorter and lighter pull, but not as light and short as the Hair45.
          Supposedly more reliable, and needs less maintenance, but like Chuck I have had no issues with my Hair45 valves with basic attention.

          I would bet this valve from PE is reliable, effective, and does exactly what they say it does. A very reasonable alternative to the Hair.
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