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ID FL 3-Way Valve vs DW Hair45 Valve

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    Originally posted by Chuck E Ducky View Post
    What problem are people having with the Hair45 valve? My 10man team has been using them since they came out haven’t seen or heard of any issues with them.
    I haven't experienced it myself, but in talking to a few other players, they just don't last as long under brute punishment. Need to be more tech friendly to your Emek, and not treat it like a rental. That being said, the FL3 is only 6 months old, so we shall see if they hold up. If not, they're still warranteed by PE so there is that bonus.


    • Chuck E Ducky

      Chuck E Ducky

      Editing a comment
      That’s kind of my point how can PE claim to be more reliable when they are just now releasing a competing product. I also haven’t heard or experienced any issues with the Hair45. To me it sounds like marking hype. Create a problem that doesn’t exist to justify why a particular products release is inferior. It’s also unlike PE at least in recent years to use this method to sell products. I always saw them as one of the best paintball companies. Can PE just claim reliability because they produce reliable markers? How can they claim it’s more reliable when they are just getting in the game. I just hate when competing companies use tear down methods for marketing to compensate because they can’t compete. Like make a better product. Don’t rip on something that works good and people are happy with to make yourself look better. I get it in the day of Social Media it works better and sells products. In the end people see threw it and it’s not a good look. Then again I could just me Book Face comment section having real world marketing consequences. But to me it seems manufactured and hurts the brand over something so nominal.

    • djeclypse


      Editing a comment
      Chuck E Ducky, I did speak to the shop owner, and his son, where I bought my FL3, and they carried both products. Both told me they had moved on from the Hair45 to the FL3, and since I do trust someone who could make $20 more off me directing me to their more trusted product I went with the FL3.