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Emek + 8" Lapco Big Shot

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    Emek + 8" Lapco Big Shot

    So damn loud but that adds to the fun. The short barrel on hard bunkers is excellent. Don't have to worry about a long tube on the end of the gun hitting everything. Get up nice and close. Makes things a little lighter too. Ran a 50 round as well which was a super fun combo. Buddy and I went to a field and had do 1v1's because everyone left after we arrived and no other groups showed up...odd for a Saturday night at this particular place. Ran different loader/barrel combos and that was the most fun. A 17ci would have made it even more so. Ultra light and tight limited paint recball setup. And the APP 50 round kept up surprisingly well.
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    Originally posted by SignOfZeta;
    Us beardos with wallets need to occasionally make our voices heard.

    Gotta love those shorty barrels. I took my bro in law out for his first paintball game in over 20 years yesterday. He wanted to shoot an electro as he used to have a pimped spyder.

    I miraclously got my ego 7 live as I didnt have any electros field ready. Started him off with my mech'd rsx with a parabolic 14" barrel, and he had fun. After a few games, I gave him the ego, with a freak back, and Docs flashpoint tip for funzies. The following game we played a junkyard course ( all hard cover) and we lost, but him and I were the last two guys standing, him being the last man.

    He came off the field shaking and pumped. He wouldnt let me put a longer tip on that ego the rest of the day.


      Last big game I played I ran my Emek with a 10' Bigshot, Revolution & a 68/45K. Just got a 45/45K, so we'll see how that goes. Pretty excited for it, though if it's too short I'll have to get a Nummech drop-back for it.
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        A 17ci would have made it even more so. Ultra light and tight limited paint recball setup. And the APP 50 round kept up surprisingly well.
        That's actually a good idea. I'll have to try perhaps with a standard 13ci tank and see how it feels. Before I had my FLE body, sometimes I would use my stock Emek with the 50 round PAL loader for those games with lots of magfed and pump players, or when there were lots of rentals. Thus, the 50 round PAL with a 13ci could be a nice combo.
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          I am a fan of the app 50 (with minor lid mods). However, I have played with the small PALS loader on an inception body, and it worked just fine.

          I also use a 45/45 for big games (~600 rounds) and have 17 cu for rec ball. The 45/45 balances with a 200-ish loader, while the 17 balances with a 50-ish loader.