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Converting a .50 cal Etha 2

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    Converting a .50 cal Etha 2

    I watched a video recently and the guy said to convert an Etha 2 from .50 cal to a .68 is to change the can and the front bolt, plus the feedneck and barrel, is this all it takes ?

    Hi, I purchased one off eBay for $120, if you have a bunch of buddies, they are selling for $102 each which is pretty good deal I think considering the POPs ASA ($40-$50) can be used on an EMEK. The eBay shipment came with the original storage case, grease and manual. It looked to have very low use for a field rental marker, though it was covered in paint everywhere.

    Back to the conversion question, the metal body is 50 cal (and doesn’t look to be an insert), so they will have to be machined, if possible. The gamma core will need a new top hat, spool, bolt (available aftermarket) and another part in-between (which I saw for $35 on a German paintball website).

    I emailed the German paintball website, and they said there was no conversion kit available. And the eBay seller said there was no conversion kit available.

    if ETHA 2 and EMEKs are the next autococker (in terms of accessories), then I’m hoping an aftermarket brand would offer a solution. I’m sure the demand will be there as this Planet Eclipse product line is really popular.

    Below is the eBay link, the seller mentioned they have/had about 60 units. So far eBay is saying 20 have been sold so far.


      from jack wood

      “To convert a 68cal Emek/Etha2 to 50cal Emek/Etha2 you would need a new metal inner body, new barrel, new complete bolt system, new detents.”

      ”Emek Upper and Etha2 Upper is identical

      Emek 68cal upper and Etha2 68cal upper is identical

      Emek 50cal upper and Etha2 50cal upper is identical.

      So you can take an Etha2 50cal upper body, and put that on an Emek lower. The lower (frame) isn't sizest. It's the same lower (frame) assembly for 50cal and 68cal.

      No, inside the uppers:

      The body shells and feedtubes are the same for 50cal, 68cal, Emek and Etha2.

      The metal body inside the shell is different between 50cal and 68cal though

      The drivetrain is different between 50cal nad 68cal (obviously)”

      i emailed PE asking to buy parts.

      Click image for larger version

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        Seems like a lot of PITA for the $.


          You would have to change the entire bolt and core. But you can cheat the system and buy one of those beater rental used 50 caliber Etha 2's and a brand new emek And basically end up with four guns.