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EMF 100 and Barrels

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    EMF 100 and Barrels


    I'm trying out an EMF 100 and learning that using a DYE 2-piece isn't that easy. The clearance seems to be a tight fit with only first section of the foregrip shroud, and with the DYE tip installed to the back, it's impossible to slide over the second section of the foregrip shroud.

    Does anyone have a similar experience with DYE barrels and EMF 100?

    And what kind of barrel do you use on your EMF 100?

    Thank you!

    I have the same issue with a nemesis barrel. Front shroud won't slide over tip. I plan to modify it to fit at some point. For now I leave it off when I'm using that barrel.


      I normally use a 10" one-piece barrel with my MG100, or rather, it's an old Kaner 2-piece with the 10" tip that I loc-tited together to keep the back from getting stuck in the MG.
      I did find that I was able to get a LAPCO Desert Edge Apex-ready tip to work with the stock Eclipse barrel back, though I had to dremel off quite a bit of the front and inside of the forward shroud to allow both clearance and to provide a bit of exposed barrel front that could be gripped and turned to install and remove it.

      Click image for larger version

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          I picked up a PE quake and use the stock tip. Works great!