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Emek vs everything else?

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    Emek vs everything else?

    All the praise of the Emek has me really wanting to try one. But I fear it’s going to be much like the eNMEy which left me very disappointed. The eNMEy to me just feels cheap. It’s fit and finish is pretty bad, the triggers kinda mushy (thought very light, fast and short pull). And the frame feels flexible. It remains only because my sister loves it’s light weight and fast trigger. So these days it’s all hers.

    My thinking is I’d like to give a Emek a go, If I like it better I can replace the GOG with it. As it seems to be light like the GOG and small (So sister be happy). And people also praise it’s trigger. I also prefer the fact that its threaded for Autococker barrels. I also prefer planet eclipse as a company over GOG. So what says you? Has any one had both the ENMEy and Emek? How do they compare in fit finish and feel.

    My Personal main Shooter is a Tippmann Crossover XVR. It shoots and fits me very well and I don’t foresee replacing it any time soon. I also still have and love my first two markers I bought in the late 90s a Mag and a ProCarbine though they admittedly don’t see much use anymore, they are amazing in there own rights but as much as it pains me to say. The new stuff is better in Most ways.
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    Mmmmm, you will still have the flex in the marker to remind you it is not metal. The inception aftermarket bodies help that some. I was used to cf automag frames, so the flex/feel isn't difficult for me.

    What convinced me was when I took the marker apart. It is designed to be maintained. It is hoseless. The 3 way will never be trash. The reg is easy to take apart. The fang trigger kits work. It's a basic body for a well designed spool core.



    • russc


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      If it's good enough for Glocks, it's (usually) good enough for paintball. Caveat: The potential torques imparted on a gun by a tank and long barrel put paintball frames under pretty high stress and you see that once in a while with a broken frame.

    • Spider!


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      russc, true there are limits. I also just use a 45/45 tank on mine. It gives me more than 800 rounds. I have now upgraded mine as if it were an automag, just because I like it. Someday I'll go back to a big game.

    My mag, carbine and Crossover all have composite grips frames too and feel great (though the crossovers trigger guard flex’s when holding marker to put bottle on, it’s a not touch component when playing).

    So it’s not like I just don’t like composite. Thought I do prefer aluminum.
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      I've never shot an enmey or mech ion in general, but I have used an SP1, which is one of the better built ion derivatives imo.

      Fit and finish on the Emek is definitely nicer than the SP1, however I do prefer the material on the SP1. Both feel significantly better made than the aluminum frame on my Promaster though. Obviously these guns have a 10+ year gap as far as creature comforts and tech goes (hoseless, integrated regulator, feedneck, rebuildability).

      In terms of shot quality, the Emek doesn't have the same issues as a mech ion. It's dwell insensitive, so pull speed has no effect on velocity/cycling, there's no hissing at any point in the trigger stroke, and I'm pretty sure it's impossible to short stroke one of these.

      In spite of this, I too have a similar issue in that I have trouble liking it, which is unfortunate, as it's by far the most expensive gun I own. The trigger pull and shot just feels spongy in comparison to the sear tripping guns I'm used to shooting. Maybe an aftermarket trigger and/or valve would solve this. My primary gun for 5 years was a (too) highly upgraded Tippmann 98, and I really liked the way it felt and shot. Unfortunately I got a little over zealous in my upgrades, and it has been sitting in pieces for almost 2 years. Maybe I'm being too critical of the Emek, as I haven't even played with it yet, just shot it a bit in the yard. Even then, my automag that I've shot less than my Emek feels nicer to shoot IMO. I'll hopefully get some gameplay and/or a trigger upgrade before you make your decision and update then.

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        I wanted to like my Emek... it was going to replace my mech Ions. I bought one brand new from Badlands.

        I liked the fact that it was a single trigger mech, that it took Cocker barrels, and it was a mech spool.

        I didn't like the offset feedneck, the grip frame (felt too thin, I have large hands), the GRN construction (felt like i was using a BE product), the mushy trigger, the fixed ASA, and the squeaky 3way (I rebuilt it twice and used varying amounts of lube, couldn't get it to stop). And the stock barrel wouldn't thread into the gun, I had to raid my stash to find one that would.

        To be fair, some things have come out since I had mine that address a couple of my concerns, but I'm still not interested in retrying one out... I'll build a mech SP1 if I want a mech spool.
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        • MrBarraclough


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          "I'll build a mech SP1 if I want a mech spool"

          Isn't that essentially what the G-1 was?

        • Jordan


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          Maybe? I don't really pay attention to anything modern-ish, usually, especially SP/GOG stuff.

        The Emek is my primary mech gun these days. Out of the box, they do feel a bit lacking in the trigger department, but an aftermarket trigger and a pen spring will improve the feel significantly. While they may not have the classic feel and nostalgic effect of a nice Mag or Cocker, I've found that I'd much rather use a marker that I can pick up and play with without any of the fuss of dealing with classic semis. I seldom even need to bring an Allen key with me to the chrono when starting the day. Air it up, load some paint, shoot a few balls over the chrono, and just go play. No muss, no fuss.
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          I got more cases threw my Emek then can count. It’s never let me down. It will out shoot any tournament compliant classic marker out there. It’s faster and more efficient. I like the plastic body I beat the hell out of mine and it still looks new. Emek is definitely my go to especially for Mech events.


            If the plastic construction is a concern, just get an M170R. Admittedly it's much more expensive, but it's basically an all-metal version of the emek.


            • Chuck E Ducky

              Chuck E Ducky

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              I agree, I sold my M170R because I liked the Emek better with a good barrel. But the M170R are awesome I have a bunch of teammates that shoot them now after shooting mine.

            I find the emek after market fang trigger not much different than a good pneumag trigger, except with no dwell issues.



              Hmmm. Seems mixed but more so on the positive side of things. Honestly really think I just going to need to try one out at a field some time.

              Essentially I was more looking for a comparison to feel between the eNMEy to the Emek. I know I don’t like the eNMEy, even thought many like it. So essentially if the Emek is similar to the eNMEy, I not likely going to find it favourable either.

              I play just as well (or rather Just as poorly lol) Shooting my Open class pumps as my semis. So all out performance takes a back seat to feel and comfort to me.

              I also am not looking to compete. These days Rec days and big games are about all I can muster (aging, fat and having a lot of past injuries to contend with).

              As for the M170R. That think is eye candy and I’d love one (that would be a replacement for my crossover I’m sure and my sister can keep her GOG lol). But it’s a lot more $$$ than I can afford to spend on this hobby. I have too many hobbies and too many responsibilities/mouths to feed.
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              • ATBen
                ATBen commented
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                Just give it a season or two. If an m180r comes out I'm sure used 170rs will be a dime a dozen.

              I’ve only shot the enmy a couple times but I dislike it for the same reasons you mention. Feels like a cheaply made ion conversion, for some odd reason...

              The emek is a mixed bag for me. First and foremost, the gamma core is excellent- so better functionality, check. The ergonomics are modern, which I find fluid, natural and comfortable even as a fan of old school guns. The fit and finish is great, the GRN feels solid like a glock frame. It is a bit more stretched out and thicker than the enmy. Overall I love it, compared to anything else in the price range. Obviously there are lots of upgrades out.

              My snag though, is that I also own a Gmek. And even though they’re the same gun internally, it’s just a nicer feeling, sleeker, aluminum bodied shooter that already has all the bells and whistles. My Emek sits in the box collecting dust.

              So I guess my opinions are that:
              1) A PE mech is better than an enmy
              2) Emeks are good budget version, but easy to dump lots of money into.


                I haven't owned an Emek (yet), but I did have a Gmek, and I currently own both a gen 1 and gen 2 eNMEy. I quite like the eNMEy trigger pull. I don't notice the mush. Maybe because the bolt rushing forward and halting dampens that feel for me a bit.

                But the Gmek had an excellent trigger pull, and it was a slider, which I really liked. It's all aluminum, with the same quick-pull teardown that's on the m170r. My only complaint was the lack of pre-travel adjustment, but the Bang Switch took care of about 90% of that problem, and it noticably lightened the trigger a bit. The Gmek frame is all aluminum as well.

                The Gmek might be the way to go for you. You can get a whole Gtek/Gmek package for about $350 used. By the time you buy an Emek, pops, and trigger, you're pretty close to the same price.


                  Own an eNMEy v2 and have shot maaaaany Emeks. Both have their own merits, shoot really well, spoolies, and it's down to how you like the shot quality as the trigger breaks.

                  I break it down like this:
                  If you like feeling a snap like how a sear tripper kinda feels, go Emek.
                  If you comfortable with ripping a rope on an Autococker (that feeling of a 3way and not short stroking...), then go with an eNMEy.
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                    I own a gen 1 (twisting safety) Emek that I got when they first came out (what was that, like three years ago? damn time flies).

                    I haven't done one bit of maintenance on it, not even fresh lube, and it still shoots perfectly every time....

                    There's something to be said for that kind of reliability. It's the perfect plug 'n play gun. Highly recommended if you want a mech gun and it's only like $220 - it's a relatively low cost of entry to try it out.


                      I wanted to hate the emek, but it is quite good. After adding the hAir/fang combo it actually makes a "pew" noise, and I like that.
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