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Emek vs everything else?

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    How is conversation still active. I started this earlier this year.

    In that time I decided to sell off the Crossover as I still preferred shooting my classic mag. And said screw it and built myself another Automag. Been shooting mags for over 20 years now why change.

    I did get the chance to try shooting a M170R and it’s a impressive little shooter very smooth. I liked it a lot and if I was a looking to truly compete at a higher level in a Mech tournament it may be something I’d consider along with a full custom mag build. But at end of the day I wouldn’t trade my classic mags for one, At my level of play (rec ball). My mags have served me flawlessly for 20 years. And after 20 years shooting them I feel confident I won’t find that I can do any better on field with anything else.

    Also in that time the Emek has gone up in price twice at least and now In no way would I even consider one at the $435 they are asking here.
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    • Chuck E Ducky

      Chuck E Ducky

      Editing a comment
      That’s because the only distributor in Canada is marking them way up. I bet they still sell at that price to otherwise they wouldn’t be able to mark em up like that.

    Originally posted by Tinybear View Post
    How is conversation still active. I started this earlier this year.
    'Cause MCB

    Another reason is that I the Emek isn't going to fade away. It isn't a dead end marker in its lowest form. I treat mine like an automag that started out as a plain base model. Then I upgraded it. Then upgraded some more. The upgrades have been worthwhile. It has been easier, more efficient, and more reliable than a pneumag, even at the same price. 🙄

    Efficiency is what made me pull the trigger. I found that I like playing big games with 45/45 bottles on light markers, but I didn't have a reliable, mechanical, single trigger answer to that. I don't play big games very often, and I want to pull a marker out of the closet and go. If you find one at a better price, you will probably like it.


      lol, yes, how dare this polite conversation about current mechs vs everything that came before it in that price range still be ongoing

      what else are we gonna do around here? 🤣

      thats a good idea with the mags, some us us are always chasing the "newer better" even though we know we are happier with what we grew familiar with..
      the best part about shooting 1 type of gun for 20 years, there is very little, if anything, that can surprise you if it goes wrong on out at the field