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Empire Resurrection

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    Empire Resurrection

    Is the Resurrection any good?
    How much would a used one go for?
    What are some things to watch out for?

    Yes, Resurrections are quite nice. Most common update is a Inception Designs hammer which fixes an issue with the bolt not clearing the breach, I believe.

    Usually they come with a full barrel kit which is pretty nice as well.

    As for pricing, I think they’re in the 300+ price range. There was one for sale in the Mechanical Markers thread.
    Cuda's Feedback


      I am a huge cocker fan. I really wanted to hate the Resurrection because I love the custom stuff of my glory days but I must admit they shoot really nice.


        As Cdn_Cuda said, Inception makes a hammer for the Ressy/Sniper that fixes the cocking point. IMO it is an absolutely must have for the Ressy. It's one of those "you just buy it" things. You can modify the stock hammer but it takes a little work.

        Another thing to keep in mind is the trigger plate. It's designed with a very quick trigger break to help avoid short-stroking. It's heavy-ish at first, then breaks quickly. Good for new cocker owners, not so much for those who like smooth pulls. It's by no means super duper bad, but if you don't like the trigger pull you can either buy a "new old school" plate from Inception (imitates the older slider pulls) or grind down the hump in the slot in the trigger plate to even out the pull.

        If you're super patient/lucky you might find one for under 300 bucks, but don't bank on it. I'd expect ~$325, give or take.

        Originally posted by Junglepeanut View Post
        I really wanted to hate the Resurrection because I love the custom stuff of my glory days but I must admit they shoot really nice.
        Like you, I didn't want to go away from the traditional stuff. But I really wanted to streamline my regular gear selection so I bought one last year. They do, indeed, shoot very nicely. I was surprised at how quickly I acclimated to it.
        New Feedback


          Honestly, buying a used Res is one of the best values if you want to break into cockers. Especially if the alternative being considered is building a cocker from scratch, the savings are huge.

          The hammer has been mentioned, I also do not love the HPR that comes with the Res. It's fine, but I find it to be a little temperamental. If I was doing anything competitive with it I'd swap it for a CP or ID HPR.


            Thanks for the advice and opinions from experience! I am really into the autococker mech markers. I just bout an Inception Design autococker, and I am thinking I will purchase a resurrection to work on and reverse engineer. I also want to add the deluxe upgrade by inception designs.