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Magna Clutch magnet strength?

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    Magna Clutch magnet strength?

    Anyone bizarrely happen to know what strength the 8mm magnets are in the magna clutch kit? I need stronger ones as feeding uphill.

    not offhand, but the place i order my magnets from online has multiple strengths in every size, and they are cheap enough to experiment with.. kj magnetics


      Originally posted by Tracker View Post
      kj magnetics
      Solid place, would recommend.


        Thanks guys

        I actually went to home depot as I can be a little impatient at times, and bought their 8mm magnets. Work perfectly, and are stronger. Currently testing with 2 and 3 of the home depot magnets, and the rest of the star filled with the originals. It can still slip the clutch, and still have enough force with 3x HD magnets, but seeing if 2x HD magnets will be enough force and not slip unnecessarily.

        p.s. SUPER happy with the performance of my magna clutch box mag so far.


          glad to hear it, i always liked the idea of the magna clutch, once i understood how it worked and what it did