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Autococker LPR on a Bushy?

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  • Brokeass_baller
    commented on 's reply
    I wish they still made that adapter. I have a spare Rock, and I'd rather come up with a use for that than spending money on an SCMIII.

  • Fubarius
    Don't remember seeing that particular post, but back in the day I did have a Bushmaster with an autococker LPR. I believe Palmer's made the adaptor, before they started making bushy specific LPR's. The little hose included with it was the perfect length to put a Rock on the adaptor, but conveniently for me it was also the perfect length for mounting an SCM. Sadly I never got around to taking a picture of that setup.

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  • Brokeass_baller
    started a topic Autococker LPR on a Bushy?

    Autococker LPR on a Bushy?

    Back before the infamous MCB incident, I remember seeing a post a guy made explaining how he modified a stock LPR housing (I think) to hold a cocker LPR, and fitted the air line into the body, just like a tapeworm.

    I tried looking around on the Wayback and couldn't find the post.

    ​​​​​​If the original author is here on the new MCB, would you mind reposting what all you did, please?