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Lever changer no longer puncturing

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    Lever changer no longer puncturing

    I was really excited to pick this up but I gotta be honest, feeling a little bummed about the lever changer.

    I've put maybe a dozen 12 grams through it and now its no longer puncturing the cartridge. I haven't sat down to tech it, just curious if you guys know of a fix.

    My guess would be that there is something wrong with the spring setup that pushes the puncture pin towards the 12 gram. The new changers are great because you don't have to adjust for variances in 12 grams, but if something is causing the floating pin to seize up, I would guess that is the problem.


      Email their support. I had the same issue and they sent me all new components. It was a spring issue for me.


        Interesting, thanks for the heads-up my dudes. I just took it apart, saw nothing obvious, put it back together, and now its working again. Odd. Yeah somethen is off.