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Cat cocking rod. Kinda. Lol

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    Cat cocking rod. Kinda. Lol

    I made a small mod for my new to me Thundercat ( Thanks Ironnerd).

    my cat was missing the cocking rod, as well as a few other bits.

    I was able to find enough parts in my bin of stuff to make it a cycling marker.

    All except the cocking rod. No biggie, just get a cat rebuild kit..Now, I had a cat rebuild kit in my cart on Ebay, when it hit me. Just make one. Its simply a sleeve on a 10-23 bolt.

    Everything was done on a manual lathe before I left work.

    So, here is my first shot at it. It was perfect, but to finish it, I flipped it in the lathe, and clamped on the screw threads. And I was using a sand paper strip to shine it up. I had it lightly clamped, and it popped out of the chuck. Now its all bent up as a result, but it works. Epic fail. Lol.

    I think Ill make another in time, but I like sharing my failed projects here.
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