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Splash Cat show off

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    Splash Cat show off

    Had to show this thing off a bit. Snagged this off of Ebay and when it arrived it was far nicer than I imagined. Basically looks brand new, zero wear on it aside from on small ding. Aired up and shoots amazing. Super happy Cat owner.......
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    Sweet! Can you run HPA on it? Or did you need co2?
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    Meleager7 Feedback:


      So far I only have CO2 handy. Need to get some air to find out how it does. Don't know Cats well..... yet.....


        Shooting Video? Looks great!
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          I got both my puma and my cat running on hpa. I think I have the adjustment screws too jacked for it to be good for them. But got it shooting 280 regardless.

          You may have to do a little valve polishing to make it work optimally on hpa, but I like these beasts for blowbacks.

          Love the ano, beautiful gun.


            I ran my Thunder Cats on HPA. They ran great.
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