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Promaster (electro) LPR and feedneck

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    Promaster (electro) LPR and feedneck

    I have a bone stock gloss black Promaster. I’d like to track down a proper (ICD threaded) feedneck, and also maybe replace the LPR that somebody mangled up the adjustment slot. The trifecta would be to get an ASA that matches the neck and LPR.

    I’ve seen a few options for the feedneck, but have no clue what to do about the LPR. Is this a shared design with anything else a little more popular to open up my options? It’s gloss black, so pretty standard.

    I think PPS has a Promaster Rock.
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      Aka is probably your best bet for LPR. PPS might have a bushmaster one, but they're not exactly the same. ICD I'd the best bet for a feedneck, but I think they're out of stock right now. Maybe email them and ask? They've always been good at helping me.

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        I got a new AKA LPR in today and it won’t thread into the body all the way. It’s about 2 threads away from fully seating. Trying to get it on there without adding any idiot marks. Anyone ever seen this and have suggestions?

        Need a new cup seal as well. The rubber part was all shredded and fell off the valve stem when I took that out to inspect it.