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Line SI Bushmaster Lever Changer Question

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    Line SI Bushmaster Lever Changer Question

    I recently swapped out the 12g piercer face seal on the Line SI Bushmaster lever changer. The former one was quite crushed and the 12g leaked slightly even though I probably got around 30 good shots out of each.

    The new face seal is thicker so I have to crank down on the adjustment screw all the way to get a proper pierce. This also pushes the 12g so far forward that I must unscrew the knob AND undo the lever to fully free the 12g.

    I saw a Bacci Paintball YouTube video where the area around the piercer is shaved out to allow the 12g to be released further forward.

    Has anyone here done this. What tool would one use for this? A dremel?

    Any other ideas out there?

    I could always re-install the old face seal. I still have it.

    Thanks in advance for your time. Ed

    I can't help with the SI changer unfortunately, but if you ever have the chance to obtain an ICD lever changer, they did an excellent job of maintaining the look and feel of the old lever changer while also making it self-adjusting. It's so much less finicky
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