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New ICD Barrels?

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    Dang. You got a lapco. Lucky. I wanted a lapco bad, their bore is always such a nice finish.

    On that note Pro Team Direct has Armson SSR barrels in ICD thread listed on their overstock listings. They have both 13 and 16" options.

    I just ordered a 13", along with an intruder grip for my Puma.

    Honestly paid way more for both than Id like to, but this covid isolation has me blowing cash like June Carter.

    Figured Id share the knowledge.


      Update to this. Armson cant find the ICD barrels they have, so Forest is still looking. I wont accept a refund. I told him he can keep the ends if they dont find it. That being said, theres currently a new stash of NOS dye and sp ICD threaded barrels on Ebay from a seller: camocow200. He has a few left. (Excel, stainless, and 2x sp barrels) ( i wanted one of the sp barrels as I have dozens of tips for those)

      I just paid down on this dye 10" TI barrel!!! I couldnt resist as Ive always wanted to try a ti barrel.

      Its listed as glued. But it would be cool to be able to get a 14" tip for it.
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        Camocow200 is wooulf on here, I believe.