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PRP Questions (Considering one)

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    PRP Questions (Considering one)

    Hey All,

    Does anyone have a PRP? I see they have the stock class feed ones on ICD's website and I'm contemplating one.

    Essentially, how does it feel/compare to your other nelsons; efficiency on a 12 gram, and what bore is stock barrel (how does it shoot) or if other barrels fit easily with that pump design.

    Mighty tempting to pair with a 12 gram lever changer I got, but would love to hear field-tested feedback first.


    I never owned one, but I did a review on a prototype on loan from a friend. I used it strictly as open class on HPA so I can't comment on efficiency. It's pump stroke was a bit stiff, but the actual shot quality was higher than any Nelson I'd ever shot before. Literally zero valve farting, unheard of for that type of platform. Stock barrel is just a leftover Freestyle stock barrel and the bore is like .691 so its totally unusable lol. Just replace it.


      Good video Kevin, I loved it and had forgotten it. I watched it before when you made it.
      Pretty spot on for the assessment.

      PRP pump stroke is rough/stiff to start compared to some other nice nelsons. It can be cleaned up a little. Buuut, it is put together and shoots well and is little. Plus it has interesting features and easy takedown. Clean trigger break too.

      I have used their powertube and cup seal combo on a couple of carter pumps I was rebuilding. Worked great, really good parts.

      The Cocker threading is nice to have too.

      I liked the PRP but didn't love them or replace my existing Nelsons. I stocked and sold three and they were well received by the buyers.
      Need Inception Designs or Shocktech Products? Let me know!

      MCB Feedback

      old PBN feedback


        Seems like a hell of an option considering Bob Long MVP's go for INSANE prices right now. This gets you a similar package without the bonkers price tag. Would be interested to hear more. Comparable to a Phantom pump stroke? I know it'll be rougher than my Bushmaster or Buzzard. Phantoms are the only one I can think of that I don't like the pump stroke on.


          I’ve come so close to buying a PRP so many times, but the alleged rough pump stroke is the thing that ultimately keeps me away.


            Originally posted by Lt. head-shot View Post
            Seems like a hell of an option considering Bob Long MVP's go for INSANE prices right now.
            Yea but IMO most people buy the MVP for the pump stroke and the AT which is the absolute smoothest of any open class pump. PRP can't hold a candle to it except in the form factor.


              I owned one for a year or so. Pump stroke isn't bad, but it isn't great either. I thought mine was better than a phantom, but not as good as any of the custom nelson guns. The stock barrel is useless, but ICD did something neat to fix that. They milled a groove inside the barrel that holds an O ring, so it acts as a wedgit. It works great, and I am sure you could play around with different sizes.

              I never paid much attention to efficiency, but it was in the range of normal, nothing that caught my attention one way or the other. The ergonomics were really good, the gun had a really tight feel to it, much like all the modern spools. Way smaller, particularly shorter, than other nelson guns I have used. The takedown feature was great, and the fact that it is hoseless is a nice touch that keeps it pretty clean. The 1.5 trigger was sort of weird, but I got used to it pretty quickly. The trigger pull was nice, and really crisp. But there is a trigger component that people were worried about with wear - AL trigger on a stainless sear maybe?

              I never had an issue fitting other barrels, but depending on what you use, you get some more wiggle in the pump arm. The only other thing I can remember not liking was the lever on the ASA. When it isn't pressurized, there is nothing that holds it up, so it just flops around. Nothing major, but kind of annoying.

              Overall really solid gun for the money. I enjoyed mine enough to have thought about buying another one a few times, but just couldn't really justify it.


                I thought it shot nice. It’s a good alternative to a Open class Phantom. But I thought the phantom was a superior package with more setup options for less money at the time. Phantom price’s went way up, and ICD sold the PRP without the expensive grips so it makes it a more attractive option for an open class Nelson. I wouldn’t mind owning one the finish wasn’t as nice as I would want. I would reanodize one if I was to get one.


                  In a lot of ways it's an updated SL68II. Which I love.

                  But the PRP was/is a bit spendy for my taste.

                  I think I have around $450 total in all 4 of my pumps.