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Are there aftermarket cat feednecks?

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    Are there aftermarket cat feednecks?

    I finally got my first ICD, a thundercat from ebay. Looks to be in decent condition, though I haven't aired it up. The feed neck system looks neat, but then I had the idea of a feed tube on top. Does anyone make them? Do I need to boot up my CAD software and 3D printer?

    Also, where do I find a tear down and maintenance guide?

    Get to cad'ding...
    No aftermarket


      Id be interested in a bolt on tube. The bolt pattern for the mounting looks easy to match.


        Fun historical fact. For years ICD has a special version of the Thunder Cat on their website which I don't think ever ended up in player's hands. First it was for law enforcement only, then you needed to order at least 20 at a time. Whatever it was, it never seemed to get past a prototype. The near legendary Thunder Cat SC....

        I wonder if you contact ICD and asked really nicely if they'd whip up the feed based on this. Or at the very least, it's inspiration.


        • un2xs
          un2xs commented
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          Hmmm.... This on top of a Puma with an under-barrel lever changer. Me like the idea.

          OR, this on top of a right charging Cat with a left side lever changer. Hmmmmm....

          Definitely some thing that makes the mind wander to places that never were, but could still be.

        I just threw a palmers clamp on feed on mine and thought it looked pretty cool. Not tested in game though.


        • Trygve
          Trygve commented
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          Thanks. Have no idea but i also want to know. Bought another cat with this installed and swapped it to this one. Someone on the post said he haid one just like it so must be mass produced? Doesnt look homemade. Maybe real steel component.

        • BrickHaus


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          My guess is thats a real steel grip, very cool ergonomics on that baddy.

        • scottieb


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          I like it. It makes it look like a Luger.

        I made a cram-n-jam out of a Home Depot copper elbow. Used it with a 3 oz Sodamod Co2 tank.