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FLE Autococker: Dialing the Velocity to 280FPS

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    FLE Autococker: Dialing the Velocity to 280FPS

    I’m having some issues getting the velocity to drop to around 270-280.

    I’ve messed with the HPR a little bit, but it seems like I’m either too much or too little. If I get the pressure low enough, the valve leaks. Not enough, the IVG is out all the way and I’m still over 300. This is with paint rolling out the barrel, so it’s not underbored.

    Any suggestions? Better yet, anyone deal with this before?

    You can change your hammer spring to a lighter one. Hammer spring kits are inexpensive and will solve your problem straight away (I have them in stock $13 shipped)

    Your other option is to raise your pressure. Once you go past the peak velocity it will start to lower again. Some people prefer to tune their cockers this way though it seems uncommon these days with people focusing on lighter springing. This produces an overall lower valve open time and I have had good results using this method with ID internals.

    I recall that Simon from ID has his Predator tuned this way and I do guns this way on request (normally I go with lighter springing and sweetspotted).
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      So you’re suggesting that I turn the HPR pressure up and then tune using the IVG? I’ve been messing with it and it will sit around the 270s - 280s for a couple shots then go right back up to 300+.

      It is brand new, so I can’t figure it out.