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The most Volume-tastic LPC I can get?

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    The most Volume-tastic LPC I can get?


    I know nearly nothing about Spyder's and their clones, but I'm looking for whatever the most volume of the volume chambers I can get is, for an ACI Griffin. I see some appear to be designed for a a vertical asa/foregrip, are there any other compatibility concerns?
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    There's a nonsense like foot long one


      here is an example of the extra long Shocktech version on my Imagine. They are extremely hard to find though. Since I began my search many years ago, I have only come across 3.


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        Did you get the one that was on shopgoodwill recently?

      • GanonsGrin
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        No, that one went for around $240 without shipping (which I think was around $60 to me), and there were only 2 parts in the lot that I even wanted so I let it go. I had also JUST spent a crapload of money buying my VLM so I couldn’t justify both purchases on stuff that’s just gonna hang on a wall in my collection. The LPCs are just fun parts I want to track down to show off the varying sizes they produced.

      Lol I was just thinking about this yesterday. The one I have is decent but I always really liked the idea of a obnoxiously large one.
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        at least on my PMI, i use an AGD Flatline regulator on my tank and use a gas through foregrip. I can run it at about 250 input I don't know the exact differences between them. You can double up on the foregrip and LPC in this way to get even more volume.


          Step 1, find a machinist with a lathe. Step 2, get dimensions. Step 3, get aluminium bar stock. Step 4, allow machinist to make you a ridiculously long LPC.

          I'd think the largest volume "common" would be the 32-degrees "ACI" clone ones, or the last generation Shocktech ones. The first gen Shocktech LPCs are my favourite, but good luck finding them.
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            Or you could go the lazy route and just get intimidator parts like I did. I don't remember the exact amount of volume this added but it is significantly more then anything currently available for Kingman and has a hell of a lot more airflow. Its relatively easy to do and not terribly expensive. When I coupled this with a VS2 valve and striker I got my spyder down to like 235 PSI which I feel is pretty good for a victor.

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              Originally posted by Drachen View Post
              Lol I was just thinking about this yesterday. The one I have is decent but I always really liked the idea of a obnoxiously large one.
              Don't we all....

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