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scottieb's 2021 Spyder-a-month: May - black and green classic HPA paint slinger

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    scottieb's 2021 Spyder-a-month: May - black and green classic HPA paint slinger

    It's a new month and time for another Spyder-of-the-month!

    This month I'll do something different. YOU guess what bits are fitted to the marker.
    I've a list of eight for you.
    EDIT! May ended so here are the answers! Tony wins! He was the only participant.

    1. Barrel: Smart Parts All-American
    2. LPC: No manufacturer has been concretely determined on this by anyone yet
    3. Gas through foregrip: Late Taso
    4. Drop forward: 32 degrees shark drop
    5. Trigger frame: Centerflag Hyperframe
    6. Sight rail: NW
    7. Back block: Pro-Line
    8. Bolt: modified Bob Long Cyclone bolt

    Valve, striker, and front block are factory and have been modified.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	IMG_0243.jpg Views:	132 Size:	164.6 KB ID:	126635
    Click image for larger version  Name:	IMG_0245.jpg Views:	91 Size:	153.9 KB ID:	126636
    Last edited by scottieb; 06-05-2021, 08:01 AM.

    I’m game...

    1. Barrel: 14 SP AA
    2. LPC: Shocktech
    3. Gas through foregrip: not sure but nifty
    4. Drop forward: 32 degrees?? Shark drop!
    5. Trigger frame: centerflag HyperFrame
    6. Sight rail: armson/ ptp? Not sure
    7. Back block: not sure; Taso? NW?
    8. Bolt: pro line star fire?

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      At this rate Tony, you're a shoe in to win!
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      • Carp


        Editing a comment
        I don't own any spyders these days. 😕

      • scottieb


        Editing a comment
        There is a cure for that dreaded disease!

      Because of the movie Moana, this is what I think when I see those shark drops...

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        Tony, you win the game! I know the competition was ferocious but you've pulled it off having the most correct answers. Congratulations!
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          Congratulations pghp8ntballer!
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          Carp 's WTB/WTT


            That shark drop is delightful


              Lol I forgot about this thread. Thank you but no applause is necessary. It’s a not so rare and mostly useless skill that I leveraged to accurately (mostly) identify these components.
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