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What Specs are Required for a VS Balance Valve?

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    What Specs are Required for a VS Balance Valve?

    What specs would a stbb body need to use a VS balance valve? The valve looks quite a bit longer than a normal valve, which I assume would affect the length of the bolt stroke.

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    My understanding is just a normal compact body spyder. The valve cross pin needs removed and holes plugged though because of the extra length of the valve body which you noted. But the shortened VS hammer is what offsets the longer valve body.
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      From my tinkering most bodies that use a skinny striker should fit.


        you need the valve and the striker for this to work.
        best to get everything from the lower tube. bumper and spring.

        iirc you need to mess with the 3 vent holes on the bottom of the bottom tube and i THINK you have to remove the valve pin that holds the valve body forward and fill the holes it leaves behind. (i think)