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Otter’s Convertible Polecat Pistol Project

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    Otter’s Convertible Polecat Pistol Project

    Since I have officially broadcasted this one in the current MOTM contest, I figured I would post up some more pics for it. I got this, I believe, sometime in 2019 from someone on old MCB. This belonged to Otter and was a collaboration project between he and the guy who ran Polecat Paintball in an effort to make a “convertible pistol that he could swap between a semi, a sidearm and eventually a spump” although the spump part of this project never seems to have materialized. This one has two adaptors, one for the pistol conversion and one for the standard right feed conversion, but neither of which was powder coated like his usual work since it was a work in progress. I’ve also got his original holster for the pistol, although I think it’s just an old PGP holster.

    His original progression thread was on his old website, which can be found here:

    More pics will be posted in a follow up message. It’s condensing the pics too much to work in this post

    There’s also a family photo of my polecats to show my trio so you can see the three different adaptors. Just because I can

    Reserved for better pictures

    Click the images to see higher res versions. Not sure why it is pixelating them so badly


      These are just so awesome! Otter's site was such a wonderful thing and was so synonymous with DIY Spyder upgrades. It was so personal - not flashy, not big business. There were loads of people who visited the site and used a hacksaw, file, and a drill to better make their Spyder perform. It's always enjoyable to hear of it and you've got some wonderful relics of that time.
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        Very cool!!


          Wow that's a blast from the past. I remember trying to recreate this back in the 2000s and failing miserably. Cool piece of history there.